Kính lúp 1975 độ phóng đại 7x Peak

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Peak 1975 Scale Loupe 7X Nhật Bản

Kính lúp 1975 độ phóng đại 7x Peak

Peak Scale Loupe is a typical measurement of simplicity, accuracy.

Magnification: 7X
Objective Lens: 19 mm
Field of View: 18 mm
Size: 36 x 62 mm
Net Weight: 56 g
Scale Length: 20 mm
Minimum Scale Division: 0.1 mm

P.S.L. has excellent achromatic lenses (3 elements, 2 groups) and a photo-printed precise scale. It also has a focusing ring and 7 power magnification.

As all sorts of lens aberrations are avoided, you can easily read the object.

Reticle(Scales) Descriptions
-Std reticle scale, cross hair with metric scale on horizontal plane, zero center reading, scale divisions 0.1mm
-13 reticle scale, inch scale on horizontal plane, zero left reading, scale divisions 0.005″
-14 reticle scale, cross hair with inch/metric scale on horizontal plane, zero left reading. Zero center
inch: 0.4 in each direction. Div = .005
metric: 10 in each direction. Div = .1
-8 reticle scale, metric scale on horizontal plane, zero left reading