Kính lúp 2037 30x PEAK

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Độ phóng đại 30x

Kính lúp 2037 30x PEAK

         Peak Loupe 30x has been enjoying favorable reception from customers as a loupe of high magnification by the design of 4 elements, 2 groups, allowing erect image vision. This excellent magnifier fitted with a glass scale(scale divisions = .05mm) to meet the demands from the many different sectors. Thereby making it possible to measure and compare the object to be inspected over the entire effective visual field of 7mm.

Item Number 2037 2037-L
Magnification 30X 30X
Effective Aperture 7 mm 7 mm
Size (mm) 30øx19 43øx65x184
Net Weight 16 g 48 g
Scale Length 5 mm 5 mm
Min. Scale Division 0.05mm 0.05mm

-Std reticle scale, cross hair with metric scale on horizontal plane, zero left reading, scale divisions .05mm

Magnifiers with reticles are not supplied with certification certificates.
Certification if required must be sent to a certification lab.
Buyer is responsible for the source and cost.

Standard replacement reticle available.

Black standard White standard