Máy đo lưu lượng khí gió DBM 610

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Measuring range from 40 to 3,500 m3/h. NSX: KIMO

Máy đo lưu lượng khí gió DBM 610

Technical specifications

  DBM 610 can be used on any supply or exhaust, air distributors: rectilinear, helical and toric.

• Quick and simple hood changes • Measuring range from 40 to 3,500 m3/h. 

• Simultaneous display of airflow and temperature. 

• Automatic airflow direction (extraction or air blast).

• Supplied with 610×610 mm hood. 

• 4 others hoods are available as options: 720×720 mm, 720×1,320 mm, 420×1,520 mm,        1,020×1,020 mm.,

Calculation functions and autonomous micro-manometer

The electronic housing can be disconnected to be used as a micro-manometer. DBM 610 is a key instrument for your measurements in air systems: connected to a Pitot tube, it allows the measurement of air velocity or flow inside a duct, and connected to 2 silicone tubes, it allows the checking of filter condition in air-handling units.