Nhiệt kế SK-8900 SATO

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Phạm vi đo :-40 to 450°C

Nhiệt kế SK-8900 SATO

With the wide measuring range of -40 to 450°C, this thermometer is ideal for various applications. 

10:1 Distance to spot ratio. Selectable emissivity of 0.95, 0.90 and 0.85. 

The laser marker can instantly identify the target.


  • Instant surface temperature measurement:
    The advantage of the non-contact infrared method is quick-response measurement. And the single-hand-held unit allows easy operation by using the trigger type measurement button.
  • Non-contact and clean measurement:
    Ideal for food processing industries where clean and hygienic measurement is required
  • Selectable emissivity:
    Emissivity is selectable among 0.95, 0.90 and 0.85.
  • Easily visible measurement spot:
    With the laser marker on, a laser sighting is output to instantly identify the measured spot.
  • LCD with backlighting:
    The backlit LCD facilitates reading even in dark places.
  • Auto power off function: 
    The power will be automatically turned off if the unit has not been operated for about five seconds, thus conserving battery power if you forget to turn the power off.
  • Wide range of temperature:
    A wide range of temperature from -40 to 450°C
  • Auto Hold function:
    A measured value is automatically held (fixed) for about six seconds.
  • Top and grip cover:
    The cover protects the unit from dust or dirt.


Model SK-8900
Measuring range -40 to 450°C
Accuracy ± 3°C at -40°C to -20.0°C
± 2°C or ± 2% rdg at -19.9°C to 399°C
± 2.5% rdg at above 400°C
(conditions) Ambient temperature at 23 ± 5°C
calibrated by black body emissivity at 0.95
Resolution 1°C at higher than 100°C
0.1°C at other than above
Emissivity (*1) Selectable among 0.95, 0.90 and 0.85
Distance to spot ratio
D : S = 10 : 1
Sensor Thermopile
Spectral response (*3) 8 to 14μm
Response time 0.5 second
Laser sighting 1 point, Class II Laser (use less than 1mW of power)
Wave length 650 nm
Operating ambient 0 to 50°C for temperature
less than 80%rh for humidity (no condensing)
Storage ambient -20 to 50°C for temperature
less than 90%rh for humidity (no condensing)
Power requirement 9VDC battery x 1
Power consumption max. 40mA (when Laser and Backlight ON)
Battery Life approx. 5 hours (Laser & Backlight ON) 
approx. 8 hours (Laser ON & Backlight OFF)
approx. 20 hours (Laser OFF & Backlight ON)
approx. 80 hours (Laser & Backlight OFF)
Functions Selectable emissivity
Backlight ON/OFF
Laser marker ON/OFF
Auto power off
Auto hold
Dimensions (W) 46 x (H) 160 x (D) 78 mm
Weight approx. 157 g (with battery)
Materials Unit: ABS resin Cover: PVC resin
Standard accessories 9V battery x 2 (one is factory set), Sensor cap with hand strap, Soft pouch, Vinyl Cover (top and grip cover)

(*1) Emissivity:
An object’s ability to emit or absorb energy. Perfect emitters have an emissivity of 1. An object with emissivity of 0.8 absorbs 80% and reflects 20% of the incidental energy. Emissivity may vary with temperature and spectral response (wavelength).

(*2) Distance to spot ratio (D:S)
The infrared thermometer focuses infrared energy form an object onto its detector at the rate. 10:1 distance to spot ratio means that the infrared thermometer will read 20mm diameter area 200mm away. For higher accuracy, make sure the area of the object is at least twice as large as the spot being measured

(*3) Spectral Response: 
The specific wavelength region where an infrared thermometer responds (in the 0.7 to 20μm band of the electromagnetic spectrum). Instrument response is dependent on the emissivity, reflectance, and the transmission of infrared energy. A spectral response in the range of 8 to 14μm is good for general use.

Positional Relation between Distance and Sighting Point

This is a one-point laser-sighting thermometer. The laser mark is sighted approximately 14 mm below the center of the spot.

(When the distance is approximately 280 mm)

When the measurement distance is approximately 280 mm, the laser marker is output aiming at the point illustrated above. Refer to the figure as a guide.