Pa lăng EHW-120R ENDO

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Mã sản phẩm: EHW-120R NXS: ENDO

Pa lăng EHW-120R ENDO

Endos smallest unit with a capacity of 120kgs.

A 2mt wire rope providing a 1.9mt stroke.

This unit however is in the reverse, with the wire cable comming out of the top of the hoist and the body climbing this cable.T his means that the bottom hook remains fixed,close to the controls enalbling the operator to have further precise control over the load.

The controls are also fixed to the body of the hoist.
– Push button controls
– Reverse winding protection
– Can be attached to either the manual or pneumatic trolleys
– Lifting speed adjustable from 11 – 16mts per minute, depending on air pressure.

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