Peak 1964 Loupe 22X

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Độ phóng đai 22X

Peak 1964 Loupe 22X

An Improved version of Peak Loupe 1964

The loupe lens consists of two components, three element-construction. This newly design covers a wide visual field with distortion free viewing and clear magnification.

Bright sharp image loupe with a 360 degree clear acrylic base to admit light from all directions.

You will find this item to be convenient for the checking on various articles at a working sport.

When you go for a walk with the 22x in your pocket, it will show you the wonders and beauty of nature.

Magnification: 22X
Size: 28.5 x 30 mm
Thread Pitch: 0.75 mm
Diameter: 24 mm
Thread Depth: 5.5 mm
Net Weight: 17 g