Phểu lọc KG-47, KGS-47 ADVANTEC

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Phểu lọc KG-47, KGS-47 ADVANTEC

47 mm Glass Microanalysis Holder
Standard size for microbiology and particulate analysis
– Available with sinterred glass or stainless steel


  KG-47 KGS-47
Support screen Sintered glass SUS316
Funnel, base Brosilicate glass
Stopper Silicone rubber
Clamp Anodized aluminum
Connections (included)

#8A Stopper adapts to standard 1 L vacuum

filter flask or vacuum manifold cup 

Pressure: Vacuum
Weight:  0.6 kg(1.2 lb)
Membrane Filter Compatibility:  
Filter size 47 mm
Prefilter size 35 mm
Filtration area 9.6 cm2
Funnel Capacity: 320 mL



Model KG-47 KGS-47
Catalog No. 17311400 17311500
Support Type Sintered glass Stainless steel sreen


Replacement Parts

  KG-47 KGS-47
1 Funnel, 320 ml 19311401
2 Clamp 19311403
3 Support screen (SUS316) 19311504
4 Gasket (PTFE) 19311504
5 Base 19311402 19311502
6 Stopper, #8A 19311404