Thước đo so điên tử MFC-101A Nikon

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Thước đo so điên tử MFC-101A Nikon

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Model: MFC-101A NXS: NIKON

Thước đo so điên tử MFC-101A Nikon



7-segement LED (green); 8 digits (including-sign) zero blanking; floaring minus sign

Minimum readable value

0.1 µm (can be switched to 0.5µm or 0.1 µm

Other functions


Error alarm (excess speed etc.)

RS-232C output

Dedicated printer output

Input power supply

Dedicated AC adapter (12V 350mA)

Ambient temperature

Operating temperature: ) to  +40°C

Storage temperature: -20° to +60°C

Compatible micrometers

MF-501, MF-1001

Dimensions (mm)

80(W) x 60(H) x 25.5(D) mm (32.2 (D) with connectors)


Approx. 100g