Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester LZ-990 “ESCAL”

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This dual-type coating thickness tester LZ-990 "ESCAL" is a simple, compact coating thickness tester.

Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester LZ-990 “ESCAL”

It is possible to measure the thickness of films coated onto ferrous and nonferrous substrates. Further, it can automatically determine the type of substrate material and switch to the required measurement mode.


LZ-990 “ESCAL”

Measurement method

Uses both electromagnetic induction and eddy-current methods (with automatic selection function)


Non-magnetic coating on ferrous metal substrate and insulating coating on non-ferrous metal substrate


Measurement range

0-2000µm or 0-80mils

Measurement precision

<50 µm ± 1 µm, 50 µm to <1000 µm ± 2%,
≥ 1000 µm to <2000 µm ± 3%


<100 µm, 0.1 µm; ≥ 100 mm, 1 µm

Conformity Standard

Electromagnetic induction:JIS K5600-1-7、JIS H8501、JIS H0401 / ISO 2808、ISO 2064、ISO 1460、ISO 2178、ISO 19840 / BS 3900-C5 / ASTM B 499、ASTM D 7091-5
Eddy-current:JIS K5600-1-7、JIS H8680-2、JIS H8501 / ISO 2808、ISO 2360、ISO 2064、ISO 19840 / BS 3900-C5 / ASTM D 7091-5

Display format

Digital (backlit LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1 µm)

Data memory

Approx. 1000 points

Application memory

8 Types of electromagnetic or eddy current methods,
total 16 Calibration curves

Power source

2x 1.5V Batteries (“AAA” size Alkaline)

Power consumption

40 mW (when backlight OFF)

Operating environmental



Application memory (calibration curves), Measured data memory, Data delete, Data output, Lot classification, Auto power ON/OFF, Clock, Upper and lower limits, Statistical calculations, Backlight, Unit setting, etc, total 15 functions

External output

Can be output to PC (USB) or printer (RS-232C)

Dimensions & weight

82(W) x 99.5(D) x 32(H) mm, approx. Net 160g.


Zero plate holder (Ferrous metal substrate, Aluminum substrate), Calibration foils (50, 100, 1000 _m), Carrying pouch, 2x 1.5V Batteries (“AAA” size Alkaline), Instructions, Wriststrap


Calibration foils (thicknesses other than those available as standard accessories), Measuring stand LW- 990, Printer VZ-330, Printer cable,USB PC cable, Transparent protective cover, Data Logger Software (LDL-01)