PEAK 2044 ZOOM LOUPE 816 8X to 16X

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Magnification: 8X to 16X. Maker: Peak-Japan

PEAK 2044 ZOOM LOUPE 816 8X to 16X

The Zoom Loupe 816 is an epochal product to permit the stepless change of magnification for zooming operation. Composed of 8 lenses in 6 groups for zooming from 8x to 16x, the optical system of this loupe keeps sufficient brightness in each stage of magnification with the least optical aberration.

The black body, finished with aluminum precision machining similar to camera lenses, allows smooth zooming in and zooming out. The click stop helps selection of desired magnification from 8x, 10x, 12x, 14x, and 16x shown in a small window.

Before starting observation, move the adjustment ring at the bottom of the lens body to select the optimum magnification in accordance with the purpose of inspection. After this selection is completed, finally regulate the adjustment ring around the eyepiece so that the mounted scale will be visible clearly. The zooming mechanism changes magnification to allow for continuous observation.



8X to 16X

Field of View

20ø to 10ø

Scale Length

16 mm

Minimum Scale Division

0.1 mm, 0.005″

N. of Divisions

160 in mm, 60 in “

Diopter Adjust Ring

+2.5D to -5D


45 x 65 mm

Net Weight

149 g